Ubuntu Xenial image - dev release updates


As Neutis evolves will you be updating the img file “Ubuntu Xenial image - dev release”
on the Quickstart page ?


On that page, their wording is:

You can download the latest dev image below:

So, if it is the ‘latest’ dev image, then I think we can assume that means they will be updating it periodically.

Also, the build instructions for Ubuntu are here:

I haven’t tried to build Ubuntu yet, but I would assume that doing so should automatically give you an up to date image, rather than one fixed at a specific version.


I would have to respectfully disagree. It was their first release when it came out. So it could also be called the latest as well. This (to me) does not mean they will keep updating it. There are other signs on the forum that this could not be the case, as they have yet to update the Neutis Flasher Tool, and other things.

As for building it myself. I am just starting out learning embedded linux, and most of their instructions are not an exact step by step process but assume you already know some things. So for myself is not really an option.