Neutis USB Server for USB Cameras


Just wanted to share this with you guys. One of my main goals was to make a streaming webcam with my Neutis. I have tried several solutions out there but none have been as easy to setup and use as this. Best of all the Neutis does not get hot using this method. Go here for the all the info.

There are 2 parts to this, the server software that runs on the Neutis, and the client that runs on your PC.
NOTE: you have to be using the “Ubuntu Xenial image - dev release” image on your Neutis here.

Step one, in the terminal of your Neutis do the following.

chmod +x vhusbdarm64a53
sudo ./vhusbdarm64a53

That’s it for the setup on the Neutis, simply plug in your USB webcam and your done.

Step 2, Get the client software for your PC. On that website, click the “Client” tab at the top, and download the file for the OS you are using. I am running Win10, as soon as you start it, you will hear the Bing Bong sound as if you plugged in a USB device. Open your Camera app, and you will instantly see the video feed from your Neutis! The frame rates are excellent.