Neutis gets new IP on every restart


Using Ubuntu Xenial.
Every time i power the device or restart it, it gets a new IP address via Ethernet. Why is this ?
It’s a pain to re-configure your development for a new IP and cache load the remote files.

Yet when using Wi-Fi it gets the same IP all the time.


Still waiting on a answer for this.


On the Yocto build I noticed that the ethernet MAC address is randomized on each boot. Because of that the router or dhcp server wouldn’t be able to match Neutis’ ethernet MAC address to an existing entry in it’s client lease table. Perhaps, A uboot environment variable could be set or a udev rule could be written to make the ethernet MAC address persistent across reboots.

Also, there are different dhcp clients. Some may store information about previous leases it has been given and then request the same IP address as before. It could be that even if Neutis was requesting the same IP address as before, that the router would refuse delegate it to Neutis. The reason for that would probably be because in it’s client lease table there was still a valid lease for that IP address that matched a different ethernet MAC address (the one from the previous boot).

The conclusion being that if the MAC was persistent, then the given IP address would also likely be persistent (most of the time).

Don’t forget static addressing either. That probably isn’t the best fix for all situations, but it would be the quickest to get set up.


Thanks for the suggestions. Of all my many different types of embedded Linux modules (12 in all), the Neutis is the only one that this happens to.