Does Neutis have LTS


Can you guys answer if the Neutis module has any Long Term Support.
I personally think it’s a great module, but hesitant to design it into something concerned that it may be unavailable in the near future.


Same question here! We are reconsidering the decision that we made, to integrate the Neutis N5 in the next version of our product. We are afraid that the module may be unavailable in the future and there is not enough documentation and/or Support from a community.



Guys, we are using Neutis for our own products, key features and updates will be available for all Neutis users on GitHub.

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so when you say “GitHub”, does that mean your not going to be adding updates to the documents page. I.E. no more .img files, and examples then.


It looks like the question was answered on the homepage:

Lifecycle 10+ years

Our longevity commitment is at least 10 years and we rely on Neutis ourselves in our line of Reach RTK GNSS receivers. This empowers us to build a fantastic platform for hardware startups— we are on the same side as our customers!

Especially this part here: “… we rely on Neutis ourselves in our line of Reach RTK GNSS receivers.”