Devboard Hardware size


i dont see any documentation that specifies the hardware sizes and mouting hole diagrams for the dev board, so if i was to determine the overall board size and mounting for a project i cant without actually buying a board and measureing it… can someone enlighten us… secondly is the dev board remanufacturable with modifications, i see a bom and a 3d model on the dev board, however i dont see gerbers or mechanical drawings or schematics for the dev board.


True, but I think the idea is that you purchase a dev board for testing in your lab, and then you design your own board with a minimal BOM that fits your application.

There is a schematic diagram for the dev board posted here:

The PCB design guide is here:

And the mechanical diagram of Neutis N5 is here:

So all the details are there to build your own custom board, but no, there is no wiring diagram or gerbers for the dev board, so you would be expected to lay out your own dev board if you didn’t want to purchase one.

BTW, I have the dev board here, and using my measuring device of choice*, the dev board mounting holes are 3mm diameter with 84mm x 101mm centers. The PCB is 90mm x 110mm, and the overall size is a bit bigger at 94mm x 114mm and 20mm tall.

* a plastic student’s ruler