Datasheet for research


Hi, I’m dee and I’m on a research with neutis. I can’t find the datasheet about neutis, especially about pins function and voltage level of pins. Where I can download them? Thank you

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I can get you started with some links:

The Neutis N5 pinout is here:

Electrical specifications are here:

Since the Neutis N5 is based on AllWinner H5, you can get the H5 data sheet from here:

Is there anything else you are looking for?


Thank you for the reply. But I need the pins function and voltage level each pins.


Looking at the H5 data sheet I linked to, I see Chapter 3 “Pin Description” and Chapter 10 “Electrical Characteristics”.

The “Pin Name” in Chapter 3 of the data sheet matches to the name in the Neutis N5 pinout.

In Chapter 10, all the electrical min/typ/max and signal timing examples are there.

Is there anything specific that you are missing?


Thank you. Will be checked